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סיפור פעוט

Outside a small house nestled among mountains, a little girl named Lali happily plays. An autumn breeze brings death with it. Lali, curious and innocent, finds herself grappling with the death of the grandmother she loved.

Film notes

“A Thing So Small” is a short puppet stop-motion animation film. The film tells of a little girl’s first encounter with death, how she copes with it, and how she grows as a result of this experience. It relates a small and simple story about a small and simple truth: life comes to an end. This truth percolates into the consciousness of each one of us during childhood, and continues to absorb and deter us throughout our lives.
The origin of the story lies in a trip to the country of Georgia a few years ago. While hiking in the mountains, I encountered a little girl named Lali who was full of life and childish curiosity. She wore a black dress. From the people of her village I learned that Lali’s father had died not long before. The contrast between her black dress and her joy in life served as the impetus for the story of “A Thing So Small.” I wished to tell of this duality between childhood and adulthood and about how a little girl grapples with death when it comes her way. Several months after my trip to Georgia I lost by younger brother in an accident. My own encounter with death during the last two years took my work on the film to a different place. I feel that a great sense of wonder has become part of this movie. Wonder about the absurdity of life when faced with its end, and this wonder imbues the film.
The title, “A Thing So Small,” comes from “Design,” a poem by Robert Frost. I am fascinated in particular by the poem’s aspect of observation. It is a state in which the poet attends to small and simple details that together form a complex and profound picture. I feel that I am doing something similar in this film. I chose to address the most fundamental truth of life, which is that it comes to an end. I then chose a simple place, a single family. And four-year-old Lali, still in the primal stage of her life, encounters death for the first time. I take simply details, basic by their nature, and shape them into a large and complex picture.




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Previous screenings

6 May – 11 May | Santiago, Chile
Flying Broom: International Women's Film Festival
8 May – 15 May | Ankara, Turkey
29 Jun – 5 Jul | Trieste, Italy

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