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Teat Beat of Sex

It is a take on sex from a woman's point of view. Shocking!

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There is an assumption that women are less interested in sex than men.
How is that possible? In one sexual encounter we, women, are able to have several orgasms while a man can have only one or, if he pushes it, two ejaculations.
Lets talk about it!

There is another mistaken assumption out there that women are too shy to talk about sex, or they have nothing exciting to say about the topic. Even "Sex and the City" was written by men. So wrong! Women are as sex obsessed and opinionated as men, so lets hear what we have to spill!

And, then of course, there is this neat little shelve labeled "Opinions of Minorities" that a lot of women's views end up on. How could we be minority if men die at a faster rate then women and we actually are a majority of the humanhood!

In any case, I would like to assure you, am a passionate opinionated heterosexual female and I love men just like I love my clitoris and I want to talk about it all - men, dicks, clitoris, pussy juice, masturbation and other no less fascinating things.
I would like to be heard and respected - because if men would listen carefully what women have to say about sex, maybe we end up living without a war, just like bonobos...

The three stories of "Teat Beat of Sex" are personal and each of them contains a precious moral. Pay attention.




Copyright © 2007 Signe Baumane, Pierre Poire

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Previous screenings

1 May – 5 May | New York, United States
6 May | New York, United States
2 Jun – 22 Sep | United States
29 Jun – 15 Jul | Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil
12 Jul – 22 Jul | Montréal, Canada
Anima: Córdoba International Animation Festival
19 Sep – 22 Sep | Córdoba, Argentina
19 Sep – 23 Sep | Ottawa, Canada
25 Sep – 7 Oct | London, United Kingdom
27 Sep – 7 Oct | Zurich, Switzerland
Taiwan International Animation Festival | 2007
28 Sep – 7 Oct | Taiwan
5 Oct – 7 Oct | Marbella, Spain
7 Nov – 10 Nov | Wilmington, United States
25 Mar – 30 Mar | Ann Arbor, United States
28 Mar – 6 Apr | Maitland, United States
15 Apr – 20 Apr | Dresden, Germany
17 Apr – 24 Apr | Nashville, United States
30 May – 8 Jun | Brooklyn, United States
10 Jul – 12 Jul | San Francisco, United States
30 Aug – 1 Sep | Seattle, United States
11 Sep – 20 Sep | Halifax, Canada
21 Sep – 28 Sep | New York City, United States
21 Nov – 30 Nov | Istanbul, Turkey
27 May – 2 Jun | Vienna, Austria

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