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The Note

Lars is an alcoholic living off the charity of his put upon mother, in the family home, to fund his addiction. Lars, sexually abused while in the local catholic primary school, always carries with him “The Note” which he was forced to deliver to his abuser, a Christian Brother. He hides the torments of his childhood deep within the recesses of the brain which he constantly floods with alcohol. Alcohol is not his only crutch as he wears “The Note” like an open wound on his soul. Even though he spends his day hiding behind alcohol Lars hates his addiction but the confused emotions he is hiding from hinders Lars from conquering this illness and moving on from barely existing, to actually living his life. He dreams of old times with his wife Sheila and his baby, Mark. Lars manages to follows the progress of Mark now eight unseen from the shadows, as best that he can. Lars, on a whim, breaks into his old primary school and all the memories of his abuse come flooding back helping him to link the abuse of the past to his failed relationship with Mark. He now understands that the most natural basic instincts of a father for the care and protection of his child have been corrupted within him by the actions of his abuser. Lars believed that what has been done to him he would do to others, even though this is not the case, and this has always directed his paths in life and his choice to leave his wife and child. Lars has at last realised that to move on with his life he must face and accept what happened to him in the past. He wants to be a father again but realises only he alone can break free of these childhood shackles




Copyright © 2013 Ciaran Creagh

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