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When a young woman is accidentally trapped between 2 doors, she soon realizes her nightmare is only about to begin.

Film notes

I’ve always been fascinated by the stories in which the ordinary is subverted and leaves room to the extraordinary. I’m not that much concerned about huge alien invasions with big robots fighting each other, but from the subtlety of a tale in which the daily routine transforms into a nightmare. A big deal of influence have been to me Richard Matheson’s books and TV shows like Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone. Doors is a claustrophobic tale of a descent into terror. It can be seen as pure form of entertainment with nice scares, but also can be read as a metaphor of the loss of communication between people, in an era in which really it is much easier, thanks to the modern technologies, to reach everybody else.
But still we don’t really care about the others, we are monads, as Fichte wrote, closed in themselves. While shooting and specially editing it, I made it a little more psychological than as it appeared on paper, even if I didn’t change a word from the original script. That was possible due to the skills of our talented actress, following my instructions she delivered a subtle performance with a perfect progression from bore to hysteria, to dread terror. I left room enough to viewers’ imagination. I wanted them to go out of the theatre still wondering what really happened, replaying the story in their minds.
I also wanted to challenge myself as a director trying to create different point views in a such constricted space, without the use of vfx, but using lenses and camera position; I used a set of 10 different lenses with two cameras.
All the shots from the spyhole and in the spyhole have been achieved in camera filming the actors through a 3 bucks peephole.



Copyright © 2012 Kinoglazorama International - Michele de Angelis

Awards and nominations

Best Camera
31 Oct – 8 Nov | Germany

Previous screenings

17 Sep – 24 Sep | Bitola, Macedonia
15 Nov – 18 Nov | Puebla, Mexico
7 May – 13 May | Bogota, Colombia
15 May – 26 May | Cannes, France
1 Jul – 31 Jul | Rome, Italy
Mascara and Popcorn | 2013
14 Aug – 18 Aug | Montreal, Canada
30 Aug – 7 Sep | Nettuno, Italy
6 Sep – 14 Sep | Trouville, France
24 Sep – 29 Sep | Mumbai, India
Festival de Cine Inusual | 2013
8 Oct – 16 Oct | Buenos Aires, Argentina
18 Oct – 28 Oct | Nicosia, Cyprus
26 Oct – 1 Nov | Salt Lake City, United States
31 Oct – 8 Nov | Gronau, Germany
Best Camera
Filmets: Badalona International Short Film Festival
8 Nov – 17 Nov | Badalona, Spain
Festival Srpskog Filma Fantastike | 2013
16 Nov – 20 Nov | Belgrade, Serbia
7 Dec – 15 Dec | Corinth & Loutraki, Greece
17 Jan – 19 Jan | Southend, United Kingdom
Macabre Faire | 2014
17 Jan – 19 Jan | Rockwell Centre, NY, United States

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17 November 2013
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