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A young man's attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked by a phone App, in a most entertaining way.

Film notes

C.T.R.L is undoubtedly unconventional.  Whilst it paints the picture of a typical love story it constantly reinvents itself. As the characters’ bodies dance against their will the audience is faced with a unique acting style backed up by thought through framing and a pacey edit.

A defining aspect of my visual style is the way I work with actors, through rehearsal and improvisation. I wanted to make a short in which performance quality, from the lead actors delivery to the extras, was essential to convene the narrative. Inspired by physical theatre & street dance, C.T.R.L mixes the quirkiness of music videos with the glossy feel of high-end commercials to create a short with a urban feel that is nothing but true to its time. It incorporates a very London attitude with a feminine touch and a warm sense of humour that renders it international.

I believed in C.T.R.L from day one. It was a risky idea but that made it even more appealing. I could grasp the potential and the bigger the risk, the bigger the achievement. It involved a lot of hard work but I am extremely proud of what we, the C.T.R.L team, have achieved.

It’s a visionary short. The idea of an app that can control people hasn’t yet been portrayed in film and it will add another spark to the discussion of how far we are willing to take technology. From young professionals looking for a quick shot of entertainment, to dance enthusiasts, gamers, kids and a more mature audience in search of something different, C.T.R.L will appeal to a vast and varied audience.
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Copyright © 2014 Mariana and Stugoo

Awards and nominations

Honorable Mention in Shorts
16 Oct – 19 Oct | United States
Best Music Video
22 Nov | Italy

Previous screenings

7 Apr – 13 Apr | Rincón, Puerto Rico
15 May – 17 May | Ponte Vedra Beach, United States
17 May | Plymouth, United Kingdom
13 Jun – 15 Jun | Toronto, Canada
20 Jun – 22 Jun | Pittsburgh, United States
Fear No Film at Utah Arts Festival | 2014
26 Jun – 29 Jun | Salt Lake City, United States
1 Aug – 17 Aug | Columbia Gorge, United States
7 Aug – 10 Aug | Bangor, United States
14 Aug – 17 Aug | Baker City, United States
20 Aug – 24 Aug | Benevento, Italy
Cineseptiembre: Muestra Internacional de Cine Independiente | 2014
16 Sep – 22 Sep | Mazatlán - Sinaloa, Mexico
Los Angeles Movie Awards | 2014
27 Sep | Los Angeles, United States
7 Oct – 13 Oct | Toro, Colombia
11 Oct – 13 Oct | Tucson, United States
15 Oct – 19 Oct | New York, United States
16 Oct – 19 Oct | Beverly Hills, United States
Honorable Mention in Shorts
Fargo Fantastic Film Festival | 2014
24 Oct – 26 Oct | Fargo, United States
CortiSonanti | 2014
22 Nov | Naples, Italy
Best Music Video
BogoShorts: Bogotá Short Film Festival
2 Dec – 9 Dec | Bogotá D.C., Colombia
11 Feb | New York, United States
24 Feb – 1 Mar | Carbondale, United States
19 Mar – 22 Mar | Asbury Park, United States

Latest press reviews/articles

“... "What’s it take for a video to go viral? “C.T.R.L” is brimming with charm. It’s an unexpected treat: a mashup of street performance, music videos, and silent movies." ...”
19 Feb 2015 | Henry Chamberlain | Comics Grinder
“... A perhaps even more unconventional film comes from the United Kingdom in the form of Mariana Conde’s ‘C.T.R.L ,’ in which a mobile phone app interferes with a young man’s quest to make contact with a potential love interest. ...”
24 Jun 2014 | Les Roka | The Utah Review
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28 November 2014
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