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The Fortune Teller

Richard recently broke up with his fiance, Ana, scared by the idea of getting married. Mary, Richard's best friend, in order to help his friend make up his mind suggests to ask for help to a Fortune Teller. During an extravagant session with the Fortune Teller, the cards reveal that Richard needs absolutely to get back together with Ana. The cards also suggest that he will meet her again soon. As soon as Richard leaves the apartment of the Fortune Teller, all the forecasts of the Fortune Teller become true. Richard meets his past fiance and declares his love to her. In the meantime we discover that Mary had setup the whole event in order to make Richard get back together with his fiance and that the Fortune Teller is just a friend pretending to be able to read the cards. As soon as her plan seems to work out successfully, Mary realizes that she is actually in love with Richard and doesn't want to let him go. Will she destroy her own plan for love?




Copyright © 2013 Matteo Tonarelli

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