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A woman hits big on a lottery ticket only to have it ripped out of her hand moments later. Naturally, she wants it back.

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- When the man crashed into the wall, that was not planned. I thought we had to stop shooting and take him to the hospital, but instead he wanted to continue. So we worked it into the story. We are now able to laugh at the crash, and of course, be thankful that nobody was hurt.

- I wasn't able to communicate with the actors, so my girlfriend (Yu Mei) translated everything between us.

- This short was a spur of the moment short during a vacation to China where I visited my future in-laws. There was no traditional script, and this was a great way for me to bond with my girlfriends family.

- This is a small cast of first time actors.

- We had more dialogue planned, but decided to cut it.

- We filmed a chase scene, but decided to cut it.

- We finished November 2012, and reedited it November 2013




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