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Cold Feet

Andy, a deli clerk wanting to make a name for himself agrees to cut up a dead body for his European boss, Herman, but finds it difficult to man up. The stakes are raised when the body comes back to life and exposes Herman as faint of heart. When the truth is revealed that Herman's been deceiving him all along Andy summons the will to finish the job and prove himself to Herman and eventually the underground crime world.

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Director's Notes - Written by Daniel D'Alimonte

At what point does an aspiring filmmaker focus their camera on the issues that matter most to them? Without alienating the audience? Cold Feet is a departure from my previous work. While the theme and subject matter is more developed and focused it’s the story and execution that stands apart from my earlier films and allows for a stronger articulation of my creative voice.

First and foremost, the purpose of this project was to create a story that respects the “limitations,” of the short film medium. I simply wanted to create an imaginary world where I would want to be taken away for ten minutes or less and listen to a clear story with a hint of reflection. This was the first short film where I started with the idea of “what kind of problem and characters would I want to see in 10 minutes or less that would be entertaining, high stakes and relatable? Hacking up a dead body was the most relatable situation I could think of. Although we ended up coming in at 13 minutes, the film still feels short

From this concept onward I followed a single characteristic throughout the process: simplicity. I wanted a simple story, simple dialogue, simple images, simple coverage, simple lighting and simple editing. I didn’t want a single shot belonging in the movie that would slow the story or call attention to itself – no matter how beautiful the shot or performance was. What I learned from this process was that by keeping things simple the theme became clearer. It is my hope that Cold Feet will help showcase a truth for me in life: that self-empowerment is available if you’re willing to do the leg work, but sometimes that means getting dirty.




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