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Yemanjá - Mãe dos Pescadores

Every year on the last Sunday of January, the fishermen of Rio Vermelho in Salvador, a city in the north-eastern state of Bahia in Brazil, pay homage to the queen of the sea, 'Yemanjá'. This is a more spiritual departure from the more famous festa of 2nd February which attracts a vast number of people from all over the world. In a sacred tradition from the afro-Brazilian religion, 'Candomblé', fishermen speak of their relationship with their Mother goddess or 'orixá' and this is put into context by the spiritual priestess or 'Mae de Santos' who has the divine authority to enter a trance and 'become' the entity Yemanjá'.

Film notes

Hi, I made this short film in Salvador, Bahia in the northeast of Brazil where I now live. It portrays the artisan fishermen and the spiritual relationship they have with sea. I struggled to define the genre as its basically a snapshot of a life that, with the creeping urbanisation of the city, will soon disappear. Since the film was made, the main protagonist, a fisherman called 'Urso', who spoke with such poignancy has been brutally murdered - a sharp reminder of how poverty is all too often linked to extreme violence. Thanks for considering and all the best with the festival.
Jon Lewis, Director
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Previous screenings

We the Peoples Film Festival | 2013
3 Nov – 26 Nov | London, United Kingdom
4 Nov – 14 Dec | Sant Sadurni, Spain
Festival Latinoamericano de Multimedia Unframe | 2013
14 Nov – 16 Nov | La Rioja, Argentina
14 Nov – 24 Nov | Boston, United States
17 Feb – 21 Feb | Iquique, Chile
Ananse: Festival de Cine Afro | 2014
1 Sep – 4 Sep | Cali, Colombia
17 Sep – 21 Sep | Tanger, Morocco

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