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Leviathan Ages

High up amongst craggy hilltops sits the ancient and powerful monument. An imposing temple, which overlooks a sparse expanse. Inside, a decrepit inner sanctum. Its dull crumbling walls are defaced with tribal markings. Half turned to dust and dead wired, a still and dormant place. The Emperor sits centrally in the chamber. Proud, defiant, adorned in ceremonial robes. These are his last moments, in a trance like state our illustrious leader begins to conduct an aeons old ritual. With telekinetic grace, nine stones levitate, orbiting in gentle celestial ballet. This rite awakens the spirits of nine dead Kings, their eternal souls now locked in fragmented prisons carved from the ancient rock. Across ruined landscapes they approach to claim the fallen Emperor, in judgement of his reign.

Film notes

Leviathan Ages is a pure passion project. Made through sheer force of will over the course of two years from summer 2011 to summer 2013. An entirely independent endeavour, with no backing, I pieced the whole thing together bit by bit during small windows of stolen time. It was a long road, an enormous effort to achieve a personal goal, which makes me even more proud of the finished film.
I absolutely love creating worlds for the screen. I wanted to create a potently tangible, dream-like world in ‘Leviathan Ages’. In my personal work I love to explore the aesthetics of collage, mixing up different disciplines. In Leviathan I use still photography alongside live action footage. With digital illustration and CGI elements. Mixing everything together in a semi disjointed composition. I attempt to achieve an unique look and idiosyncratic feel.
This head trip of a film aims for a mood altering effect on the audience. The film is deliberately zen like in rhythmic pace, and semi-opaque thematically. Leaving the viewer to reflect, in their own unique way, on the tones and shades presented. Suggestions of judgement, lament, wastefulness, war, time, geology and cyclical nature all echo through the film. I set out to make a film which stirs the viewer and leaves a lasting subconscious impression. I wanted Leviathan to act rather like a song, which can engulf you in it’s atmosphere and mood as it transports you away. Perhaps you don’t immediately understand its full meaning, yet it still leaves you in a very different place from where you began. Only to further unfold and reveal more layers when revisited.
Look out for the number nine as a recurring theme. The Emperor levitates nine rocks, nine stone heads awake, nine verses are narrated, even the duration of the film is a divine 3:33.
I had a blast creating this strange alternate world, I hope you enjoy your visit.




Copyright © 2013 Jon Yeo

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