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Roshan Nagar Kay Andhay

Hur was a Muslim warrior who fought in the battle between two Muslim groups (one was on right and one was on wrong) about 1400 years ago. Hur was first on the wrong side of Muslims and after realizing that he is not on the side of true peoples, he switched to the other side which was the right one.

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In Pakistan many Christians have lost their lives for allegedly committing blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad. In Pakistan, it’s a crime to say anything derogatory against the Prophet Muhammad or the Quran. By law, the punishment for this crime is Death. Unfortunately, the concept of Blasphemy has been misused in Pakistan. Christians are convicted and often punished, not by the court of law but emotionally charged crowd, resulting in deaths of thousands of innocent Christians. The short film aims to highlight the misuse of this concept of blasphemy through two characters namely Hurr and Hadi. In Islamic History, Hurr was a character who was part of Yazeed’s force. When Yazeed’s forces came face to face with forces of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussein during the battle of Karbala, Hur was in the first rank. Realizing that he was on the wrong side, he later joined Imam Hussein. He was the first soldier who was martyred later on while fighting for Imam Hussein.
In this short film, Hur and Hadi have been used as symbolic characters. Hurr, which is initially on the wrong track, later realizes his mistake and comes onto the right. Hadi (meaning advisor in Urdu) is the character that awakens Hur’s mind and makes him realize his mistake.

Whenever there occurs any incident of blasphemy or desecration of Quran, the innocent people usually face the results. The tragedies of Joseph colony and Gojra are be for us. The purpose of writing and picturizing the story like this was the dire need of the time and i want to criticize that section of the muslim community which actually is defaming the name of Islam. After writing on this subject, it was very difficult for me that i could produce it as a student because of the little resources and very limited budget etc. And actually i faced so many hardships for this production. On so many occasions i had to make compromises on various things.



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