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The Hole

A Canadian World War Two soldier must decide between survival and self sacrifice. The Soldier is on a sabotage mission behind enemy lines when his company is gunned down by an enemy patrol. Alone and in enemy territory he must complete his mission. Evading Nazi patrols he makes his way towards his target when he happens upon a German machine gun nest. Dodging bullets he finds cover in foxhole. He is not alone however as the foxhole is inhabited by another, a dead soldier. Trapped, alone and low on ammo with only his dead companion for company, the Soldier must decide his fate. Does he sneak away under the cover of night leaving the machine gun nest to cut down more ally troops or sacrifice himself and try to take out the machine gun nest?

Film notes

Canada entered Word War two on September 10, 1939 and by the end of the war 1 million citizens had served in uniform. Canadians also helped form the first special forces units called the Black Devils. A joint American and Canadian force, their missions were mainly sabotage missions deep behind enemy lines. It was known that these missions would have high causality rates.

With the film "The Hole" I wanted to finally do a uniquely Canadian film. Canada has always done great things through out history but we rarely if ever take credit or celebrate openly our accomplishments. There have been a number of World War II films over the years and non that gave me much to relate to as a Canadian. In this film I wanted to take a small story in the middle of a big event. For me to understand something like the great war it has to about the small stories of individuals not just the big battles and larger skirmishes. My hope is that this small short film about a lost Canadian soldier can reflect the pride I have for my country and it's people.
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Copyright © 2013 Steven Stiller

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Wizard World Film Festival | 2014
Portland, Oregon
24 Jan – 25 Jan | United States

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