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משחק ילדים

A melodramatic couple, who are both actors, are going to buy a kitchen. Things get problematic when the woman, who thinks she is more famous than her partner, asks for a celebrity discount.

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The idea of the film is to create a postmodern short film, with the postmodern rhetorics seen in films from Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar, Martin Scorsese and more.
Starting with the first shot, the viewers don't know what's happening. Creating confusion in the reality within an acting scene inside a scene, the viewer is inside an intertextual scene. The couple, both actors in real life and also in the scene, is playing an argument scene from the movie "Raging Bull" making an homage to Martin Scorsese's scene. Saying the word "Text" inside the scene is an attempt to make the viewer understand that the movie being seen now is also just a text and a narrative that someone wrote. That way I'm dismantling the concept of what reality is, which is a postmodern rhetoric in itself.
In addition, the composition itself is taking a part in it as well. With frames of a kitchen inside the kitchen and in the first few shots dismantling the woman figure by seeing only fractions of her body. When the sales person goes to ask his manager about the discount, the manager, played be the director, myself, says no. As the director, I am in charge of the plot. I am also the creator of the characters and by performing in the diegesis I am in control of the plot from the inside, making another postmodern reference.
The soundtrack is from the original "Raging Bull" soundtrack, making it an intertextual illusion. There is also the use of "Kitsch" in the last sentence when the man is saying: "The movie of our life".




Copyright © 2013 Nisan Hanania

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