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The angel of death is the most misunderstood of all angels. He attends sessions with a psychiatrist, seemingly depressed. While still carrying out his eternal duties of attending death and helping souls with afterlife options he also dabbles in the odd cause of death. Eventually he presents a radical solution to the psychiatrist: the surgical removal of his wings is the only way, he informs her, that he can have a ‘normal’ life. In reality he gains great pleasure from his work and the reality is that the psychiatrist is on life support after a car accident and he is simply waiting for her. The story was always all about her and the angel has been honest from the beginning.

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Death takes a split second. Less. No time at all. Everything else is living.

I was walking down the narrow alley that leads to my door the other day and my bag caught on the tap attached to the wall. This small thing, this glitch, whipped me towards the wall so fast that I only just saved my face from smashing into it. I’ve nearly died quite a few times and I’ve been around a lot of death.

There is no discrimination. Just everyone and everything.

A colleague of mine is an ambo officer in Sydney. She works the ‘dead zone’ from 11pm till 4am. She works all around Kings Cross and Darlo and Redfern and Paddo. She’s attended everything from car crashes to drug overdoses to homeless people dying behind buildings to murders. There’s nothing, she reckons, she hasn’t seen. She’s been with people at the point of death so many times she couldn’t tell you how many if her life depended on it.

The last time we met she told me what happens right at the moment – that split second – before the lights go out. Something. There’s a look of comprehension. An awe. An ‘Oh.’ For everyone.

You see, I don’t think death happens. It’s an observation by the living of the discontinuance of the person as a person (of course it’s the same with animals). Death is the tragedy of the living.

I’m not religious. I don’t like religion because it frightens people. Death frightens people because of religion. The health industry frightens people into believing death is bad. The cosmetic and glossy advertising industries would have us believe it is possible to put death off indefinitely. The funeral business wants it dignified. They’re all lying.
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