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Niloye Jokhon

Sreya, a married civil architect, goes to a new city and meets a guy Niladri, who becomes a good friend in no time. She gets to build a comfort zone around this guy and he meets those expectations that were left unfulfilled by her husband. With no explicit signs of romance, they get close to each other. At the same time Sreya starts missing her husband, and thinks about his importance in her life. On the other hand, Sougata, Shreya's husband, calls a call-girl at his place. He starts interacting with her just to gather some information. The call-girl, Tina, explains her past tragic life and spends the whole night talking.Tina gets to feel that this is the first time someone is giving her sympathy and respect. She realizes that this man, who had not touched her even once, is a lot different from the other people in the society. At the same time, she realizes that he is a family man and she is a prostitute. Niladri, a divorced guy and sex-starved for a long time, spends a night with a drunken Sreya. The next morning, Niladri expresses his feelings that after a long time, the last night he felt at home. Sreya realizes that she is a married woman and she has only one home, and that is her husband's. Sougata dreams about Tina, that she needs to leave him as she has got a 'call'. Sougata tells her in the words of life, in the words of Jibanananda Das (Banalata Sen). The morning rays of sun wakes him up. He goes outside his house and meets a local guy who gives him the news of a local suicide. Sougata reads the suicide note, the last words of Tina. Her search for home continues even after she has left.

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Home is where you feel at home. It is all about a comfort zone, a sensation, beyond control, beyond regulation, and the control tends to slip away just when one would have expected the regulator to be in his hands.
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Copyright © 2012 Amartya Bhattacharyya

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