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Just a Prayer

Anita is a young Muslim woman who seems to have everything, but is deeply dissatisfied with the life she sees ahead of her. In making a major decision that she believes will bring her happiness and opportunity, she discovers only unforeseen regret and loss. Anita eventually finds solace in a Catholic support group and 5 years later she is living in a convent as a novitiate, about to follow an unexpected path.

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Writer's Statement:
Just A Prayer emerged from a period of reflection rooted in something that has fascinated me for years: Why people chose to do what they do? Then tying in my other fascination with monasticism. The hows and whys that lead someone to make such a bold decision. The seduction of structure and order in a chaotic and tumultuous world. Dichotomies intrigue me, as does playing devil’s advocate to my own principles and philosophies. Debating the choices made, the words chosen, and the paths navigated. Naturally, the Choose Your Own Adventure series was a childhood favourite. Our lives are filled with choices; from whether or not to hit snooze each morning, to those endowed with more risk, such as is the case with the protagonist, Anita… What do you do when you feel like you have no choice? When you’re never happy with the choices you have made? What does it mean to deflect or shirk accountability? This is the product of such ruminations.

Director Statement:
Just a prayer, Just a moment in time, Just a memory of a life once lived. We find our heroine, Anita, trying to escape from her one regret: that one decision, that one wrong turn, which she is desperate to bury deep in her past. We travel in time with Anita as she remembers her former self. We peek around corners and attempt to overhear conversations, to understand the moments that brought her to this point. We follow Anita and her memories towards a new path, one that she hopes will leave her guilt and regret behind.


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Copyright © 2013 Farah Merani

Previous screenings

26 Sep – 29 Sep | Toronto, Canada
25 Oct – 27 Oct | Vancouver, Canada
Multimedia Film Festival of York Region | 2014
5 May – 15 May | Aurora, Canada
Lab Cab Festival | 2014
26 Jul – 27 Jul | Toronto, Canada

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