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On the eve of Makuy’s birthday, he goes home from an exposure trip. After witnessing the squabble of his parents, he left home to search for Carl and to celebrate with him instead. As he goes along the way to find his partner, the truth unfolds. He is a wandering soul searching for truth.

Film notes

Makuy is one of the increasing numbers of victims of enforced disappearances in the country. He belongs to the missing people imprisoned in a society of oblivious justice and truth. Thus, the film wants to impart, the disappeared truth is the absence of freedom.

Missing is the first short-film installment of a trilogy focusing on human rights in the Philippines. The film tells a story of an enforced disappearance victim or desaparecido, a quite passé issue and yet a non-­‐popular discourse in any form of media and even in pop culture realm, tantamount to the subtle proliferation of victimizing people who challenge the prevailing social order.

In the film, the main character walks along the thread of institutions, from the smallest unit of family to the church, school and as well as the soldiery which perpetuate the status quo. Nevertheless, as the end of the film metaphorically states, these institutions give us a blank response as if nothing is wrong and everything is in the right track.

The story follows a meandering desaparacido soul to show the truth silenced by theses institutions. And like Makuy, Carl and Amparo, the film continuously searches not just for the desaparacidos but also for the true essence of truth and the real meaning of freedom in a restrained society we live in.




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