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A young woman in her early thirties seems to be living a solitary life. However, her routine actually consists of her following other people around. She engages with these strangers' lives in an unknown way. She takes photos of them or records the conversations they have. The woman does not reveal her true identity to any of the people she meets. She chooses to play a different role with each one of them. There is a strange and secret pleasure in this ''game'' she chooses to play. It seems like if she is constantly coming in contact with others but in reality she is just doing her own thing; she is just reciting her own monologue. This is until one day an accidental meeting discloses her true (?) identity. She immediately loses control, she feels exposed and unprotected. She is not as strong or unique as we might have thought. Many people could be playing the same ''game'' like she does or they might even be playing it with her.

Film notes

Each and every one of us has his own life; each and every one of us has his own monologue to perform.

Monologue is an independent short-film made by a group of friends. It was filmed in Athens, during summer 2012. The shootings where done in two weeks and the budget was extremely low.



Copyright © 2013 Emily Magkourilou

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