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Color Thief

Lily, an old artist, while she paints what is probably her last and best picture, reflects on what it means to be an artist. When she realizes that she is missing a color to finish her work, and seeing that she has no money, she makes a drastic decision.

Film notes

Color Thief is a a love letter to the world of art, a reflection on whether it makes sense or not to belong to that world. It is a deep view from within the guest of the artist that aims to experience their emotions and the reason for the persistent impulse to continue the arduous task of creating and feeling satisfied. If even possible. Submerging ourselves in the world of doubt, because without doubt there is no art. A journey through the loneliness of the “Artist”, finding their point of view, a view of reality different than the rest of the world, where is not history that matters, but how it is told. Portraying the constant search, to uncover fundamental desires, rediscover the mystery of infancy and the need to reproduce through creation. And to be driven by the smell of paint and turpentine; to caress the black canvas with a slowly growing tint of color which is the essence of painting.


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Copyright © 2013 Violeta Barca-Fontana

Awards and nominations

Best Architecture and Landscape Film
Festival Internacional de Cine de Gáldar | 2013
2 Oct – 5 Oct | Spain
Best Short Film - PNR Partners
1 Oct – 6 Oct | Spain

Previous screenings

Certamen de Cortos Autoproducidos Angelika | 2013
7 Sep – 1 Dec | Madrid, Spain
1 Oct – 6 Oct | Madrid, Spain
Best Short Film - PNR Partners
Festival Internacional de Cine de Gáldar | 2013
2 Oct – 5 Oct | Gran Canaria, Spain
Best Architecture and Landscape Film
11 Oct – 20 Oct | La Plata, Argentina
17 Oct – 20 Oct | Atlanta, United States
Women Media Arts and Film Festival | 2013
21 Dec – 29 Dec | Sydney, Australia
20 Mar – 23 Mar | Taos, United States
13th Rencontres du Cinéma Européen de Vannes | 2014
26 Mar – 1 Apr | Vannes, France

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8 October 2013
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