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De Huid Voelt

Daan Bunnik depicts the struggles of observing the ageing bodies of his parents. The video about his father examines what it does to a child to see the ageing, naked body of his father and the video about his mother addresses the pain of a child to see his mother struggling with her less valid body. Bunnik expresses the difficulties of not being able to avert the ageing process of his parents and having to adapt to and cope with this new situation.

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Director’s Statement

My diptych consists of two observational video portraits on the ageing body of my parents.

In the first part of the film I depict the ageing body of my father. I came to this subject when I stayed the night at my parents and saw my father walking out of the bathroom. It was shocking to see how vulnerable his body had become. In daily life I noticed his hair turning gray and his face becoming older, but it changes so gradually that I hardly recognize it as part of the ageing process. Seeing him naked did make me realize that the body of my all-knowing father is turning into one of a vulnerable old man. The emotions invoked in me were so powerful that I had to make a film on this subject that would describe and deal with these emotions.

When I completed this film it felt that the story of my mother was missing, therefore I decided to make a diptych. In the last five years the state of my mother’s body deteriorated. I noticed that I often was frustrated with her, because her mood changed due to her body becoming less valid. Thus the portrait of my mother communicates my perception on her body becoming older. It examines my frustrations when seeing her struggle climbing the stairs and my hopes for her mind not to suffer under her condition.

Together both films form an intimate diptych portrait of the perception of a child on the ageing body of one’s parents.



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Previous screenings

17 Sep – 22 Sep | Bristol, United Kingdom
18 Sep – 22 Sep | Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
dokumentArt: European Film Festival for Documentaries
18 Oct – 22 Oct | Neubrandenburg, Germany
25 Nov – 1 Dec | Warsaw, Poland
Zoom - Zblizenia: International Film Festival
18 Feb – 23 Feb | Jelenia Gora, Poland
20 Mar – 23 Mar | Taos, United States
20 Mar – 30 Mar | Birmingham, United Kingdom
9 Apr – 13 Apr | Grand Rapids, United States
2 May – 3 May | Toronto, Canada
Fest: New Directors, New Films Festival
24 Jun – 30 Jun | Espinho, Portugal
Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival | 2014
11 Jul – 13 Jul | Santa Monica, United States
15 Oct – 19 Oct | New York, United States
16 Oct – 18 Oct | Alesund, Norway
Uppsala International Short Film Festival
20 Oct – 26 Oct | Uppsala, Sweden

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