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A large-scale industrial accident occurs off the shores of a metropolis, throwing three people onto separate tangents of action that will dramatically and unexpectedly converge. The Executive, in charge of the multi-national corporation at the centre of the accident, is late in traveling to a contentious meeting with the press and company shareholders. The Grad Student, a young biologist at a local university, is anxious to round up her colleagues and get to the coastline to protect the local wildlife. The Soccer Mom, concerned about a mass run on the super markets for emergency supplies, makes a desperate dash for a big box store while forgetting to pick up her daughter from soccer practice. All three people, from very different walks of life, are on a collision course with each other and the inescapable truth that continues to elude humanity to this day: the fallacy of the Greek classical divide of microcosm from macrocosm.

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The choices of one affect the futures of many. Spill is a wake up call for human solidarity - whether we want it or not.




Copyright © 2013 Hugh John Murray

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