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While in a coma, Paul is trapped in a never-seen-before world; somewhere between reality and fiction, between the conscious and the unconscious, between life – and his inner death. In the midst of the mysterious forest Hazor, his shadow is escaping, leaving him behind and making him unable to awake from his coma. Paul has no recollection of what had happened, but deep down inside he feels a destructive guilt. Driven by these emotions, Paul goes on a quest to only dig deeper into his own sub consciousness. The ghost of a girl he killed in the past suddenly appears in Hazor to organize a conspiracy with his shadow. She wants to take revenge so she orders his shadow to kill him. On the search for the truth Paul's shadow comes back and push him in the water letting him drown. Paul never wakes up and subsequently dies during his coma.

Film notes

It is common to experience compassion for the patients in coma and their families and friends. But what the patients experience during coma always fascinated me more. The surreal quality of Hazor as a world apart is an attempt to understand this condition. From what I personally experienced I think that everyone has the right to decide for his own life, even during a state like coma. The protagonist of Hazor gets killed from his own shadow, as the mirror of his soul. The combination of film and animation should be a way to represent something we don’t know, far away from clinical and medical models of coma. The separation between the coma state and the real world is only superficial: Paul goes through all this, connecting past real-world experiences with those he experiences in Hazor. The episode at the lake in Hazor reminds him of the lake in the real world. That’s why Paul can’t survive, tormented by his task to make atonement.
I started this project in June 2010, writing the ideas and first scenes during my trip to Israel, where I discovered Tel Hazor, one of the most ancient villages in the history of Middle East. The film's title is inspired by the city in Israel - according to the Bible there was a battle in the city that they won, but later on as "revenge" it was itself destroyed. In allegorical terms Paul kills a girl and is haunted by this fact, and he finds the death despite the "helper" - Doctor in reality, a priest in the subconscious.
Your actions have consequences, the "evil" will always be punished!



Copyright © 2011 Miro Mastropasqua

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