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Ni Jing

Xiaofan, a young Chinese girl, awakes one morning in a remote forest with her body covered in blood. As she struggles to find her way out, she tries to understand the dramatic circumstances which got her into the situation, events mainly related to her attractive and unpredictable boyfriend. She needs to make a decision that may change her life.

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Betrayal, hypocrisy, and social commentary are represented in this story, which was inspired by real events and shot in Sichuan (China), using the local dialect.

The film “Ni Jing: Thou Shalt Not Steal” is based on true events, and uses a realistic approach in terms of style and storytelling. The narration tells of a young couple who take completely different actions and attitudes when confronted with a situation which is beyond their own life experiences.

The character portrayal and their reactions towards the events reflect the society of our day, as well as the attitude of many young adults in China when faced with commitment. The lack of emotional maturity and the way in which youngsters face the reality of love, marriage, materialism and responsibilities, is represented in the film.

“Ni Jing: Thou Shalt Not Steal” is a short film shot in Sichuan, using the local dialect together with Mandarin. It was co-directed by a Chinese director Xu Xiaoxi and a Spanish, Roberto F. Canuto. It is their first project in China, after their previous works in the USA.



Copyright © 2013 Xu Xiaoxi & Roberto Fernandez Canuto

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