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An estranged father is seeking to communicate with his son, Daniel, who has withdrawn to a remote cottage following the death of his mother. The father knocks at the door but Daniel listens in hiding, waiting for the sound of his father posting a letter then leaving. Ripping up the letter, but keeping the shreds in a box with many others, Daniel concludes a recurring ritual. Obsessed with his memories, Daniel lives in a museum of mementos and has constructed a machine to facilitate regression into his past, particularly a happy memory he shared with his mother. The machine provides Daniel's happy memory, but this is invaded by an associated unhappy memory of confronting the worst impairment of his alcoholic father. His father comes home drunk, having soiled himself, and Daniel, creeping out of bed, watches his mother clean him. Silently observing, Daniel meets his father's gaze and this moment of shame is Daniel's prevailing memory of his father. In a fit of rage, Daniel destroys the machine. In doing so, he smashes a toolbox containing an old Stanley knife. This sparks an involuntary memory of trespassing in his father's study, injuring himself and damaging his father's work. Once discovered, Daniel is terrified his father will be furious but sees his father's compassionate side when he cares for his injury. Later, in the present, Daniel's father again visits the cottage and knocks as before, but this time Daniel is reading a reconstructed letter, ready to communicate with his father.

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Flashbulb is a 10-minute drama about the power of memory in family relationships.
Obsessed with recreating a happy memory from childhood, Daniel, a reclusive young man, builds an elaborate machine to help him regress to a past where he was more content. However, troubling memories of his estranged alcoholic father prevent him from happily dwelling in his ideal memories.

A quiet film that communicates its story with a strong visual and aural aesthetic. Intricate production design and imaginative cinematography immerse the viewer in the cloistered world of a damaged individual. This is miniature magical realism with an emphasis on the painfully real.


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Copyright © 2012 Kieran Gosney

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Best Fiction Film
30 Jan | United Kingdom

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30 Jan | Glasgow, United Kingdom
Best Fiction Film
4 Feb – 8 Feb | Istanbul, Turkey

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“... Kieran Gosney and Kestrel Cheswick picked up an award in the fiction category with Flashbulb, as director and producer respectively. ...”
20 Feb 2013 | Molly Hunt | The Journal
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