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The Apartment at Night

A hitman and the man he is about to kill have a conversation when the hit doesn't happen quite as quickly as expected.

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This film was done as an experiment in minimalism. I frequently get too ambitious about scale when writing short films, and I think that has resulted in my past efforts seeming very cramped and not very fleshed out. So I decided that this would only be a two-character piece, with no temporal cuts or location changes. It was also done as a sort of love letter to British and Irish humorists such as Flann O'Brien, who very strongly influenced this piece. It was lit with only 3 cheap LED lights, to create a look that we took to called "hyper-naturalism", as it technically WAS being lit naturalistically, but the look was also very stylized and noir-ish. I hope to move on to larger projects now that I know I can pare myself down to absolute minimum if necessary.



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