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El Reciclaje de Colores

A group of teenagers of a poor neigbourhood in Managua set up a project to recycle plastic bottles that sprinkle their streets.

Film notes

An intrusion into the heart of Managua, the underestimated capital of Nicaragua.

The filmmaker comes with a lead: collect plastic bottles in the local folk of the “barrio” and in its streets, sell them in a waste reception center and with the money buy a trash can and put it back in the community where they collected the used bottles from.

From a fiction project the approach became real, and Xavier Ducry follows the kids in the neighbourhood, does all the location with them and film their quest; some sequences are real and other are pure fiction. Alone behind the video camera and the sound recording, he manages with few means in animated shooting conditions, guiding the young actors in the sequences he thinks indispensable as well as they guide him in the meanders of their urban environment.

The film doesn’t content itself in the presentation of a socio-environmental project, it also shows without flourishes Managua, its inhabitants, its dusty streets as well as its monumental round-abouts, its bludgeoning of political propaganda, its internal highways and its old legends, and all this highlighting colors, the project’s keyword!

Hours of recording for a concentrated montage of less than 15 minutes, with guitars and voices of local musician to give the rythm. The story is told by 4 kids who give their point of view in a natural way about the project as well as about their experiences of Managua!

The idea of this short is to immerse the spectator for a quarter of an hour into the everyday life of a singular and touristically unattractiv place. It puts him in front of a folk healing slowly from the agony of a heavy past; between civil wars and earthquakes, Managua lives!




Copyright © 2012 Xavier Ducry

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