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Karma Currency

Two policemen confront some rich kids, speeding without license. The police chief lets them go for an easy bribe, but falls into a chain of events effecting everyone at the scene.

Film notes

Karma Currency is nothing but a betterment of our previous short film Karma Code, which had the same team of crew and talent. We barely got to see each others potential back then, but we had to make another project to re-assemble again.
Karma Currency is based on the theme “corruption”. I wanted to stay far from being preachy or show what one was doing wrong, but instead i wanted to show the flip side of the case. Choices made by people on certain situations can affect another belonging to the same scene. Sometimes, outcome such as these are unavoidable.
We saw us grow rapidly form our first project together. The creative team had become super talented and had under- stood the concept almost telepathically. This was a rather uncanny situation for me who wondered if the understood what i really wanted to portray. As i was behind the camera (cinematography) on this project, it was in my editing room, i saw the magic unfold.
The production was a rushed affair again, but that is the risk i take while i do not live in India any more. We com- pleted the project in 10 days, just in time for me to head to the airport to catch my plane back to my home in Copen- hagen. but i know that i will return soon again, as we believe we can do even better.




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15 May – 26 May | Cannes, France

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