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The Dark Night

A woman stares at a crack on a door and relives a memory from another life, harbinger of an imminent danger, an endless circle around her destiny.

Film notes

What happens in “The Dark Night” is based on the Möbius strip concept, an example of a non-orientable surface as well as being the painting by the famous artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. 
Ordinary surfaces, observed in daily life, always have two 'faces'. In the case of the Möbius strip, this principle is lacking: there is only one side and one edge. Once around it, you are in the other side. Only after two times around we find ourselves on the leading edge. 
Like an ant, the woman moves from one surface into the 'behind' in an endless circle, feeling her destiny, trying to put her memories in the right order as pieces of a mysterious puzzle. She is trying to remember her future. Her past. A man. A wolf. The black-hearted love.



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