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Trah Shorts Episode 3: The Saga Continues

The Land of Lurkenburg, once a peaceful place, now finds itself in the perils of war. The evil Kaiser Klink Van Rumplelurk and his Rumplelurk Empire as taken control of the all the shipping lanes and cut off the ability for cities to support themselves… all in an effort for supreme control. Small bands of resistance have sprung up and joined forces to fight back, including the Captain with his Pirate Crew and wise guy boss, Machine Gun Murray.

Film notes

Directors Note: I wanted to create something that has never been seen in smaller film festivals before… an epic adventure story that facilitates an escape to an imaginary place the audience has never visited. In an age of reality TV and re-makes of old film classics, Trah Shorts is something that is fresh, fun and original. Enjoy the show.


Executive Producer
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Awards and nominations

Best Animated Film
23 Sep – 26 Sep | United States
3rd Place - Animation
5 Oct | United States
Best Animated Characters
5 Oct | United States
Best Animation Voice Over
5 Oct | United States

Previous screenings

1 Sep – 1 Dec | Long Island, United States
2 Sep – 19 Sep | London, United Kingdom
23 Sep – 26 Sep | Williamsburg, Brooklyn, United States
Best Animated Film
1 Oct – 3 Oct | New York, United States
5 Oct | Los Angeles, United States
3rd Place - Animation
Best Animated Characters
Best Animation Voice Over
3 Nov – 7 Nov | Orlando, United States

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3 October 2010
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