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Bait, Bechi

Almost 3 AM. Yoav, leaning against the terrace rail, is gazing into the darkness, waiting. A hanging laundry somewhere is making a flapping sound in the whistling wind. Down at the street a couple is pacing up under the light post. Suddenly, a different sound is heard, coming and going as it mixes with the howling wind, getting closer and stronger until it transforms into a heart tearing cry. It's been several days now that Yoav, a freelance real-estate agent, is having trouble sleeping because of this obscure cry. His wife on the other hand seems to be sleeping a lot more and very deeply so, completely undisturbed by that cry, and even though sharing the same space, the two seldom meet. As the days go by and all his attempts to locate or make the cry stop fail, Yoav feels he is starting to lose it.

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A short, melancholic urban atmospheric piece.




Copyright © 2013 Lior Har-Lev

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