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Jude has spent the majority of his life haunted by relentless anxiety and an unnamed fear. The origin of this condition he can only chalk up to a traumatic drug-induced experience from his youth. Exhausted and not knowing where else to turn, he seeks help from a disarming energy healer named May. Their meeting quickly draws him into the darkest recesses of his psyche as Jude comes to learn that the truth may be harder to come to terms with than the actual fear itself.

Film notes

Closure focuses on the effort to understand our most elusive and insurmountable fears and actively confront them, as well as the value of doing whatever it takes to bring an individuated form of peace.

Director’s Statement:

It's my attempt to identify some of the deeper fears we can't quite understand, but nonetheless need to never give up on our quest to do so. I believe the stranglehold these emotions have over us can only change with time, new perspective, and an active willingness to perseveringly confront them.

When the same debilitating lifelong patterns finally end, it oftentimes comes at the moment when one is ready to accept what it is that causes them. Our resistance to surrender to the answer is most likely the same reason they are perpetuated in the first place.

As a short film is simply a slice of life, so are these slices of life our most defining moments. What I hope to carry across is a snapshot of our own personal efforts towards a state of peace amidst our most troubling demons and that the journeys that can sometimes take a better part of our time alive can all be realized and resolved in the span of a few moments.
- Desmond Devenish


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Awards and nominations

Gold Remi Award - Dramatic Original
12 Apr – 21 Apr | United States
Special Jury Prize - World Cinema Short
Amsterdam Film Festival | 2013
31 May | Netherlands

Previous screenings

15 Mar – 17 Mar | Morgantown, United States
12 Apr – 21 Apr | Houston, United States
Gold Remi Award - Dramatic Original
10 May – 12 May | Palermo, Italy
Amsterdam Film Festival | 2013
31 May | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Special Jury Prize - World Cinema Short
Mexico International Film Festival | 2013
1 Jun | Rosarito, Mexico
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes del Uruguay | 2013
28 Jun – 30 Jun | Montevideo, Uruguay
29 Jun – 7 Sep | Rome, Italy
30 Jun – 4 Jul | Peja, Kosovo
Salento Finibus Terrae: International Short Film Festival
20 Jul – 27 Jul | Fasano (BR), Carovigno (BR), Ostuni (BR) e San Vito dei Normanni (BR), Italy
2 Aug – 4 Aug | Augusta, Italy
Reel Gate International Film Festival | 2013
23 Aug – 25 Aug | London, United Kingdom
23 Aug – 25 Aug | Reggio Calabria, Italy
28 Aug – 15 Sep | London, United Kingdom
5 Sep – 12 Sep | Hollywood, United States
19 Sep – 22 Sep | Shreveport - Bossier City, United States
4 Oct – 6 Oct | Ellensburg, United States
4 Oct – 6 Oct | San Pedro, United States
17 Oct – 20 Oct | Rennes, France
7 Nov – 10 Nov | Cleveland, United States
6 Feb – 20 Feb | San Francisco, United States

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