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Anglijos Karalienė Pagrobė Mano Tėvus

A little girl called Milda, a modern-day Pippi Long-stocking, fights her loneliness with a help of her imagination and fantasies. One day she is told by a strange woman that her parents, whom she has not seen in three years, have been kidnapped by the Queen of England. So she packs her stuff and heads for a rescue. Her travel by car, bus and train finally brings her to the big city only to experience the biggest change in her life - she grows up.

Film notes

We came up with an idea for our film while reading yet another and another news about children left behind by parents who have emigrated in search of work and better life. Although the movie takes place in a small country of Lithuania, the children left behind by emigrated parents is a worldwide phenomenon. These kids are left with their relatives or acquaintances while some of them are being taken care of by no one. Therefore we think this problem needs to be discussed.


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