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Carlo e Clara

In a curious-looking old hospital, an elderly couple, Carlo and Clara, is waiting for their turn tenderly holding hands. There is a choice to be made, but the woman begins to hesitate.

Film notes

In the process of writing I wanted my tale to be a metaphor about rebirth and the wonder of existence, in such a time in history when instead people are afraid of the future and have lost the overall enthusiasm towards life and the future. That’s why I can define "Carlo and Clara" a true declaration of love to life.
The most interesting challenges were undoubtedly working on animations and on set design. No one knows how and where we go after death and before life, and especially cinema has already widely reported in a number of ways this hypothetical world. With my set designers we were good and essential in making this place unique and eccentric in its own way with a very low budget, using only natural elements (water, earth, leaves, trees ... symbols of life since its origins) in order to set up a white and aseptic environment (an old high school restored). The brilliant director of photography did the rest: he strongly (and rightly so) wanted the short film to be in black and white.
However, the biggest challenge was indeed directing the two lead actors. I met them by chance at a birthday party. Their reputation preceded them, since they are two actors who have made the history of italian cinema. While I was watching them for the whole night, I was fascinated. They were the exact embodiment of the two old lovers I had created in my script! Even though they seemed to have such different characters, it was beautiful the way they were lovingly taking care of each other. I could not choose different actors. So I plucked up my courage and, although I was aware of the health conditions of both, I asked them to join the project. The two actors, after reading the script, accepted the challenge with enthusiasm, both artistic and human.



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Previous screenings

2 Aug – 4 Aug | Augusta, Italy
17 Oct – 26 Oct | Indianapolis, United States
14 Nov – 24 Nov | St. Louis, United States
14 Nov – 15 Nov | Bolzano, Italy
L'Aquila Film Festival | 2013
17 Nov – 22 Nov | L'Aquila, Italy
18 Nov | Parma, Italy
Asti Film Festival | 2013
6 Dec – 21 Dec | Asti, Italy
15th Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio Scrittura e Immagine | 2013
10 Dec – 13 Dec | Pescara, Italy
23 Apr – 30 Apr | Catania, Italy
29 May – 5 Jun | New York City, United States
13 Jun – 22 Jun | Tolfa, Italy

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