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Maxine is a pretty young woman who lives however alone. Chance will help her along, in the person of Sasha, an attractive young man she met in a lift. Sasha and Maxine are having fun, brush each other, get closer. The precious moment spent in the enclosed space will make way for the first date. Unfortunately, that first night which promised magic turns into disaster. But how do the two characters know that their alter egos are personified, and that they begin a tumultuous love story, too?

Film notes

n my casting, I wished the personality of every actor can have as much freedom as possible. I was amused to form couples, by chance and intuition. The freedom of the actors gave amazing results, unexpected. But finally, I got the pair I was looking for, this couple who were to operate at the very instant of their meeting. Amelie and Simon were a perfect symbiosis, and their personalities have merged to build that relationship so obvious on the screen.
All the actors were thrilled to be working on this project because it gave them a new field of expression that was not imparted by words but by gestures, looks, a particular way to embody their characters. I myself was more free in my direction because I did not set myself on words, but rather on feelings and emotions. Directing actors takes on its meaning : it was for me to lead and direct their movements to build the ballet that was to become the film.
Marc Bour, composer, was one of the first persons I co-operated with in the project, well before the film was fully in production ! Soon, the idea of embodying each character by a specific family of instruments came to our mind, like a “Peter and the Wolf”. The music of the film carries the words that are not pronounced, it emphasizes the rhythm of the narrative, the conflicts of the characters. It literally makes the characters dance and move.




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21 Aug – 25 Aug | Conversano, Italy

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