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Rabo de Toro

A couple meets up for dinner in a restaurant to celebrate their anniversary, there they will find someone, everything is left to say, to discover between them… What would happen once they finish dinner?

Film notes

This my first short film has been a great experience, I actually loved it that much that I'm going for my second!

When I started this experience I never thought it was going to be such incredible, me earing myself saying action, knowing everything, enjoying everysecond of the rehersals with the actors, writing the script and the day filming has been one of the best experiences that I've had until now.

When I first started thinking about the story, and thinking on my own love experiences I thought that when someone cheats on another person, it can't be easy for any of the parts, specially for the one cheating that probably loves both persons and has the problem of not being able to decide because that person can't even think about the reason of lossing one of those two, but also I wanted to talk about the feelings of the other two that don't know anything about it and can damage their whole life, so the reason of all this is that in a love story to be honest it's always the most important thing in a relationship.


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Copyright © 2013 Karmen Garay

Previous screenings

Cortos Con Ñ: Festival de Cortometrajes | 2013
1 Jan – 31 Dec | Spain
Certamen de Cortos Angelika | 2013
1 Feb – 1 Jun | Madrid, Spain
30 May – 16 Jun | Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, New Zealand
Rio Festival Gay de Cinema | 2013
4 Jun – 11 Jun | Rio, Brazil
6th Festival de Cine Corto en Vídeo de Salamanca | 2013
15 Jun | Salamanca, Spain
Festival Visualízame Audiovisual y Mujer | 2013
27 Jun – 29 Jun | Madrid, Spain
Decortohelado | 2013
15 Jul – 29 Aug | Jaén, Spain
Ponferrada Film Festival
21 Sep – 28 Sep | Ponferrada, Spain
Women Media Arts and Film Festival | 2013
21 Dec – 29 Dec | Sydney, Australia
20 Feb | Sevilla, Spain
30 Apr – 6 May | Turin, Italy

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