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A Shadow of Blue

How determining can reality be, and how can fantasy unleash an unexpected freedom? Can a fragile world of lights and shadows show us more than a silhouette drawn against the sunlight?

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The idea for this film had been turning over my head for a while, from a moment of grace I had while sitting at a terrace in Saint Germain, Paris. It was a cloudy afternoon, and I was trying to finish a script, while suffering from a severe lack of inspiration. Suddenly, a ray of sunlight made its way through the clouds and the trees, and over an old man who was sitting in front of me, reading the news. The shadow he cast was long and seemed to move by itself, while the sun ray kept trying to pass through the foliage.
There, my imagination unleashed... I thought that if the shadow could give me the impression of having movement on its own, it could also show me a different perspective of the reality I was witnessing. I never got to finish the script I was currently writing... but at least I came up with this one.
As I did with "A short love story in Stop Motion", I am again turning to a child to tell a story. Children have an innocent, uncorrupted and transparent vision of the world around them. Their notions are guarded by their innocence, and are not stained by the prejudices nor preconceptions that are so common among adults.
I have had the idea for this story going round in my head for some time when I saw a photograph that got my attention: there were two little girls walking through the ruins of a bombed city.
I interpreted the contrast between their innocent look and the hostile environment as a powerful message, within two different readings: first, how children can, even when immersed into an adverse reality, still manage to keep magic in their lives. And second -given the fact that the girls of the picture were wearing their school uniforms- how even in the most unfriendly world, there is nothing left but to move on.
The audience may find the end of the story sad. However, she doesn´t feel that way: her reality is the only reality she knows, hence, she does not feel anger nor self-pity. Her disabilities do not stop her from daydreaming. C. Lascano




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Previous screenings

23 May – 26 May | Termoli, Italy
Magma: International Short Film Festival
29 Nov – 1 Dec | Acireale, Italy
1st Grand Bayou Short Film Showcase | 2013
23 Feb | Jennings, United States
1 May – 5 May | Grande Prairie, Canada

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