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Alexander is a young ER resident. After a massacre at a nearby school, his professionalism is put to the test. Not only that he loses a patient for the first time, a little later he comes face to face with the shooter himself. Alexander struggles with his emotions, torn between the demands of his profession and his own instincts and feelings.

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A young doctor who just became witness of many innocent people dying after a senseless act of violence: Suddenly Alexander is face to face with the injured adolescent assassin waiting to be his next patient.
What does it mean to function as a professional but to feel like a human being at the same time?
Standing in front of the gunman's bed, Alexander is forced to listen to the provoking words of a neither accepting nor regretting assassin. It would be so easy to let the young boy die, to give in to his strong feelings of vengeance and the need of taking the law in his own hands. But it's not the doctor who's to decide, to judge or even execute. And does crossing that line even mean crossing the line between right and wrong?
The film deals with the question of doing right, without knowing the exact difference anymore.




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International Student Film Festival Písek
5 Oct – 7 Oct | Písek, Czech Republic

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