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City of Lakes

Udaipur presently a District town of Tripura, a tiny State of North East India, was the capital of Tripura for five hundred years. Tribal kings that ruled the state from the Capital city of Udaipur left their impressions in the city, which remains vivid even today. It is their contribution that in soil of Udaipur which termed it as City of Lakes.

In those days in hilly state the subjects must have faced the necessity of pure and clean water to drink. The kings ruled the province were made it a point to dug tanks and lakes in the vicinity of Udaipur which served the purpose of the people of the city. It is a rare incidence to encounter with so many lakes in a small town like Udaipur.The lakes were named after the rulers, who masterminded its execution.

It is a painful affair to notice, how that the modern and advanced citizen of the place fouled to maintain the purity of the lakes instead they all contributed their shames to pollute the water in such a manner that thing has become unhealthy for bath even. Not to speak of drinking water.

In a state of affair of scarcity of water the human race have started facing the matter of polluted water at such huge magnitude demands immediate information from the related corner for restoration and preservation. These means may help us to overcome the crisis of fresh water that is expected to affect our normal life in near future.




Copyright © 2008 Debasish Saha

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