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The outbreak of the individual from the hermetic inorganic existential biosphere as a Kafkaesque metaphor for the quest for meaning in a world, in which mechanical technology reduces the humans life-justification to a functional level. The artificial life form of the civil identity, in which the homo oeconomicus is being pressed into, maintains in the cinematic portrayal of a defined existential space the function of an amorphous cell in the midst of the codified biosphere of our society. The human of the New Age can be defined by his psychological sensitivity - the pattern of his spiritual psychogram - and by standardised characteristic feature of his behaviour. The yearning for a radical, utopic freedom, which is anchored in the subconscious of the individual, a primal, anxiously outbreak from the amorphous, structural biosphere is becoming, disguised symbolical as a dream motive, the releasing escape of the man, who strolls in a stereotyped-sterile way like a clockwork through the meanders of a geometric pictorial labyrinth. The shadowy movements of his regular posture, the briefcase, which he always carries along, the mechanical walking pace, the symmetrical course of his daily routine assemble into a device with human characteristics, into "a psychosomatic machinery". The geometric precision and graphic regularity of the spatial frame structure sketches the cold, distant state of the plastic outside world to the individual.

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Montage techniques with alienating function, like pictorial after effects, Split-Screen, Picture in Picture, subjective camera, vertical pan shots or intensive slow motions, as well as the dissonant sound - oppressive screams, persistent heartbeat, bizarre noises - intensify the subversive irritation which is inherent in this short film.
movie kafkaesk 2002 austria



Copyright © 2002 Tilman-Otto Wagner

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