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Rosso Cireneo. Figli della Stessa Terra

Dead Christ (Cerignola). Sorrows (Bitonto). Sorrows (Taranto). The Five Mysteries (Molfetta). Desolate (Canosa di Puglia). These processions represent important part of Easter in Puglia. Chance, in some respects from those in Spain, these processions Puglia have merged and linked to the territory of the host, characterized by particular drama.

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The documentary film "Red Cyrene-sons of the same earth," is part of a much larger project and is divided into three parts: the documentary film, a book and a feature film.
With this work, I wanted to experience a real fusion between those who are the characteristics of the documentary: live footage, follow the step by step processions in various cities of Puglia to explain certain features and appearance of fiction since the interpretation of the text based on the novel. Instead I ricreassi, the set was ready.
There was not even need to explain their roles to the actors, because they already knew what they should do.



Copyright © 2012 Giacomo Giannelli

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