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Involved in a car accident, Petr and Martina are suddenly thrown in a situation where saving somebody else’s life could put their own in danger. Caught between fear and guilt, they have to choose between bad and worse.

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Inspired by true events, the film tells the story from various perspectives of all of the people involved and questions the amount of responsibility we have for the actions we take.

Director's Statement:
It is not the facts and events but rather the characters reactions to them that I was interested in while making this film. Therefore even the storytelling deliberately avoids some of the important moments of the story and focuses on the bits in between. Because it is those bits that leads to the events. To the events that are finally remembered and accounted for.

Producer's Note:
This film was shot over 6 nights in Mnichovice village and surrounding forests near Prague. Due to availability of the actors we ended up shooting at the beginning of October 2011 which in the case of the Czech Republic means long nights with temperatures around 5°C. Cold made the shoot tough for everybody involved - especially actors, who dressed in summer costumes had hard times not to look too freezing. The "star" of Lars von Trier’s Antichrist - fallow deer Fiona - was the only cast member who did not have to pay attention to the cold after all. On the other hand we were benefiting from longer nights that have given us enough shooti ng hours. The film was financed entirely from private funds of Jan Pavlacky, Jakub Malek, Monolog Films and Partnership Pictures with great help of all other co-producers (Actor’s Runway Agency, Avion Film,, JK Sound) who helped with the post production of the film.
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Previous screenings

18 Apr – 25 Apr | Nashville, United States
28 May – 9 Jun | Padova, Italy
9 Oct – 27 Oct | Luxembourg, Luxembourg
25 Nov – 1 Dec | Warsaw, Poland

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