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In order to put together his peculiar geometry, artist Txiki Medina takes inspiration from urban spaces and spoilt aspects of Nature, places filled with elements which, rather than sought, have been encountered. There is also a drive towards introspection, towards revealing the human interior where silence plays a key role. The trace that the passing of time leaves on each image. Painting as a metaphor of the velocity of time.

Film notes

Txiki is a cinematic proposal based on a non-traditional narrative form. The documentary film, focused on the work of the plastic arts artist “Txiki Medina”, shows the creation of an oil painting captured with meticulous detail and the viewer become witness to certain activities that surround the painter.

The staging enactment is based on a sequence of shots of several minutes duration captured by a moving hand camera or in still shots. This is a visual representation of a technical nakedness and an explicit consciousness of using cinematic language. A clear expressive language of image, without any editing, just a long silent shot, which is not limited by the absence of words. They are places where cinematic representation does not merely linger but follows through in search of a place to settle within the territory of emotions, reason, sense of plasticity and aesthetics, feeling and thought. Cinema has filmed the long silence of emotion. The composition of the shots shows, in addition, the intention of placing the objective at the level of the eyes of the character, so that the viewer can attend the action from a parallel perspective to the subject. The viewer has the chance to identify with “Txiki” by means of a camera, mutely, and with just the sounds and the music that the character himself can hear. Cinema resorting to its most basic recourses: the assemblage of the audio, the editing, the length of the shot. This is a sensorial film where the senses become refined.



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Previous screenings

12 Apr – 21 Apr | Houston, United States
Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival | 2013
26 Apr – 30 Apr | Greater Noida, India
Black International Cinema | 2013
8 May – 12 May | Berlin, Germany

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