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Life in a Glass House

A deep space miner wakes up on an alien world, far from his base, missing his radio, and low on oxygen. Against all odds, he makes it home before his air runs out only to discover the computer won’t let him in the airlock – it has him listed as dead.

Film notes

"Life in a Glass House" – is based on a comic short I illustrated for Image Shadowline's 2009 horror anthology "Nightmare World." The production came about because of the location. When I saw the sand mine, I knew we could believably create a moonscape in south Florida, and Glass House was a perfect story to adapt – fairly modest in its other production requirements, besides taking place on another world.

As a short film, Glass House is meant to accomplish a couple of things – one, to stretch the limits of what I could achieve visually as a filmmaker, to serve as a test bed to showcase the production resources available to me, and like the comic short, as an experiment in shifting audience allegiance from where it naturally begins – with the protagonist – to understanding and accepting his fate.

The thing I’ve always loved about Glass House – the second comic script Dirk wrote for me because he knew I liked to draw space stuff – was the questions it managed to engage in such a short space of time: “Is he dead? Will he make it? Was he dead all along? Why won’t they let him in? What must he have done to deserve this brand of frontier justice? Why did I assume the plucky astronaut in trouble was a good person?” All the tension, emotion, ideas and world building whirling around in less than half a comic book issue or the first act of a screenplay – Dirk Manning is the master of the thematic demi-glace.




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