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So Many Minutes

A teenage couple are home alone watching T.V at dusk. As it begins to get darker out, a burglar is outside spying on them. Soon he makes his move and enters through the back door silently. The burglar, armed with a retractable knife, begins to search the house upstairs while the couple is still downstairs. Soon however, they hear the disturbance, and the boyfriend goes up to check it out. Once there, the burglar comes up behind the boy, knife in hand, and grabs him. This begins a struggle in the kitchen. During the struggle, the boy elbows the burglar in the stomach, who then releases him but not before his knife comes harshly across the boy’s side. Now with the robber recovering from the hit, and the boy from his wound that is bleeding out, we see the girlfriend downstairs who has heard the abrupt ruckus. With no real concept of what is happening, she calls out to the boyfriend. The boy, weakened in his state, is unable to call out. The burglar however, recovered, begins to walk towards the staircase that leads to her. The boy overcomes his pain and launches himself at the burglar. This results in another struggle. The girlfriend, hearing no response and only noises, begins to walk up the stairs cautiously. The boy then successfully whacks the knife out of the burglar’s hand and it slides across the floor into the girlfriends view. Startled, she advances forward and see’s the two. The burglar quickly notices her, and the boy friend, in another act of protection, starts to put up a greater fight despite his weakness. While the 2 are ‘occupied’, the girl runs into a bedroom down the hall where she takes out a gun from the dresser. Entering the kitchen with it, she see’s the burglar, with the knife again in his hands over the beaten boyfriend, ready to kill him off. Out of the pure desperation, the girl pulls the trigger and kills the robber.

Film notes

I wanted to make a film that portrayed a ‘blip’ in time. To throw the audience into a situation without knowing the characters, who they were or why they were doing certain things. Of course I wanted the film itself to be coherent and understandable, yet I also wanted people to feel like they were welcomed to interpret a few things here and there. I also thought that the film being ‘silent’ of dialogue would be appropriate to this theme, and replace any general noises with just the ticking of a clock. This gives off a beat that puts a pace to the film, and also can appear increased if the film excites you. This also appeals to the title ‘So Many Minutes’ in a sense that the situation itself happens rather abruptly.




Copyright © 2012 Matthew Leclair

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