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In the year 25,000 B.C., a Cro-Magnon Hunter tracks three Neanderthals who've murdered his mate and kidnapped his child. Will he find them in time to save his child from being sacrificed to their heathen god?

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When people ask me what kind of film this is, I like to say it’s "a revenge film set in the year 25,000 B.C." I hate to say it's "a caveman film." What does that mean? There's no character trying to sell car insurance, that's for sure. Primevil follows this Hunter's quest for revenge and it's about the power of symbols at a primitive level in our human nature. There is a history of our need to create them and share them, the meaning they carry. It has an element of some kind of science fiction or fantasy in that we're using the mythology of Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, imagining that this small group of Neanderthals worshipped Cthulhu, but it has nothing overtly supernatural. It is all treated with a certain degree of realism.

Sitting at home watching a program on the Discovery Channel one day, I saw these three early humans trying to scratch out an existence and they didn't seem that different than us. I grabbed my sketchbook and started drawing, making notes and soon the basis for Primevil was created. I wanted to make a film that played to my strengths as a storyteller, utilizing strong visuals, leaning heavily on my background as an illustrator and effects artist. The setting of the story practically eliminated the need for dialogue; however it demanded that the look of each character was believable. I think we were able to achieve that through wonderful performances, placing them in amazing locations, as well as all that went into the look of each character. Hopefully the viewer is transported into this prehistoric world and enjoys this adventure.




Copyright © 2007 Michael A Turner

Previous screenings

Robin Hood Online International Film Festival | 2007
25 Oct | Nottingham, United Kingdom
26 Oct – 28 Oct | Kitchener, Canada
28 Oct – 11 Nov | Santa Monica, United States
30 Jun – 4 Jul | Peterborough, United Kingdom

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