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After the parents left the home country for working abroad, a young woman of 17 years old was left to take care of her ill grandfather, which is forced to use a wheelchair. Despite all the challenges and opportunities to go abroad in search of a better life, the girl remains stubbornly at home, feeling content with what she has.

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I see it very important in terms of Child Protection and Women Rights - in a developing country, where Corruption, Migration and Human Trafficking came to an extremely dangerous level.
The director was able to show this problem from an artistic point of view, in the light of his own experiences. When you can’t solve the problem at whole, you try to reach it by parts.
And for Moldovans this story looks just like it’s „ripped” from the Life, in which each character represents a social category and a way of thinking.
A mild criticism of The Society, the film "Balonul" (The Ball) shows us The Life as it is, and the director Sergiu Ciorescu proposes to meditate on this subject.




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