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Mannequin Kind

Andy may, or may not, be the last man left alive and searches for the sanctuary of a home to call his own. Once there he finds an unexpected guest is waiting for him, a woman who listens to his every word. It is then that the lines between reality and fantasy blur.

Film notes

What I wanted to achieve as the writer/director was to tell the story of a man who literally had nothing left in the world. Here is a character who isn't looking for a lost loved one or searching for the promised sanctuary of other 'survivors' but a man who is totally unprepared for the world he now inhabits. As a result I wanted to explore the measures someone might take to escape the loneliness and how those parameters would change over time. Ultimately the film stands as a narrative that seeks to ask just what someone will do with the loss of hope.


Copyright © 2012 Ross Levere

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