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A guy loves and dies on a whore name Chandni. He has got married but he hadn’t even touched to his wife yet. He ever dreams of Chandni, the whore, He speaks with her in dreams. The wife comes to know the truth and gets jealous with that whore. Chandni had returned many times that guy from her brothel without letting him touch to her body, but again, next day she finds him staring at her brothel’s balcony standing on the road. She decides to go his home and meet up his wife for settling their married life. But as wife sees this whore at her own door she fires with full throttle upon her because she has come to know yet that Chandni was the whore who was not letting find her husband’s love . The wife abuses and returns Chandni insulting her. Chandni takes an oath at wife's door that she will not let find the first right to the wife that the wives get from the husbands. Chandni decides to call that guy to her brothel to have sex before his wife. What does happen next? Does Chandni get engulfed into sex relation with that guy? Does the wife remains as second for getting his husband's love?

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Randi film's dialogues have lots abuses because the I wanted to give it an authentic look so that the audiences can feel as they are watching real characters and real location standing among whores.
Audiences will feel this movie as a dirty picture in initiative but later on they will go through the characters and their emotions and lastly they will fall in love with a Randi...not abusing as Randi...Randi only for her profession, that is notorious but a loyal.



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I find this film a true masterpiece; the story line, the filminng, the actin g especially by Chandri was superb. Indeed, it was moving. Sincere congratulations.
28 Aug 2017 | Anonymous
hot and raw yet human!
10 Oct 2013 | Anonymous

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