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Film Fest: We Could Do this in Sanford

With recent advances in technology, filmmaking equipment is becoming cheaper and more accessible to independent and guerilla filmmakers. As the number of people making films increases, the demand for a place to exhibit these films increases as well. Film festivals are popping up all over the planet. From large cities to smaller communities, people are experiencing the benefits of film festivals. A group of friends in the community of Sanford, Florida decide to share their love of film with the community and start a film festival.

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For Film Fest: We Could Do This In Sanford every person we interviewed mentioned the impact the festival had on the community. Obviously we were going to get a bunch of footage of the community of Sanford, so we tried all sorts of different ideas to get interesting shots. Tripod shots, shoulder mounts, sliders, handheld, and so forth.
It didn’t take long for the crew to come up with the idea of mounting a camera on top of one of our vehicles and driving around the historic downtown area getting footage. It’s interesting to note that when you’re a bunch of poor film students and you’re putting your equipment on the line for the sake of a project, everyone becomes expert packers and engineers. We mounted one of the cameras on the roof of the vehicle, and opened the sunroof a crack to slide the shoulder strap through to hold onto during the drive for additional support.
Of course, one camera angle is never enough, so we took a second camera and mounted it on a tripod. Our DP sat in the passenger seat and turned the tripod upside down and hung it out the passenger window as we drove around the community.
After all of this time spent setting up shots from the vehicle, none of that footage was even used in the final cut of the film.



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