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Cup of Destiny

Charles Phillips wants Youtube fame, but he has no clue to achieve it. At least until a cocker spaniel named Shadow with a gift for speech imparts to him sacred knowledge of the legendary 'Cup of Destiny'. According to legend, all those who drink from this golden cup will achieve all they fame they desire and 'more'. Advising him to 'just follow his heart' Shadow sends Charles on his journey briefly warning him of 'life-threatening obstacles'. Sure enough Charles encounters the first obstacle in the form of two direction-confused witches. They believe themselves invincible, but a little cleverness on Charles' part turns them against each other. Further along the path, Charles runs into elite gamer Elmer Matrix who challenges him to the most epic game he can think of: Magic Trolls. Charles makes short work of Matrix however and soon encounters his most challenging foe yet: Rock star Voltrix Mclane. It turns out Mclane has already used the Cup of Destiny to shoot his way to the top and doesn't plan on giving it up soon. He nearly beats Charles into submission with his guitar riffs' but Charles, refusing to be outdone, handily defeats Mclane with his secret weapon: Air Guitar. Now with Cup in hand, Charles records a video of him attempting to drink from the sacred cup only to find: an irreparable hole in the bottom. Meanwhile,a young girl who also dreams of fame is being briefed by a dog about a cup of destiny.

Film notes

Produced from script to screen in less than 24 hours, Cup of Destiny is the pic story of a young man's epic quest to gain fame by any cost; no matter

Written, Shot, & edited in less than 24 hours on September 24, 2011 in Edmonton, AB.




Copyright © 2011 Shaun Lang

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